Free Audiobook:Slow Medicine by Victoria Sweet

Slow Medicine by Victoria Sweet

Posted by Erik Nilsson, May 2017

Author: Victoria Sweet   Narrator: Victoria Sweet   Language: English    Category: Bios & Memoirs

Personal Memoirs  

The award-winning author of God’s Hotel offers a radical reimagining of how we practice medicine. In the quarter century that Victoria Sweet has been a doctor, “health care” has replaced medicine, “providers” (vastly outnumbered by administrators) look at their laptops more than at their patients, and the ruthless pursuit of efficiency has vanquished not only trust and intimacy but also, often, the effectiveness of treatment. Victoria Sweet knows that there is an alternative way because she has lived and practiced it. In her new book, she reflects with compassion, wit, and profound insight on experiences drawn from her time in medical school, internship, and residencies and the clinics and hospitals that lay beyond – the path to the “slow medicine” in which she has been pioneer and inspiration. Via unforgettable stories of the patients she tended and the colleagues with whom she served, she gives voice to a way of medicine that responds to bodies rather than data, that appreciates the profession as craft as well as science, and that alchemizes “fast” and “slow” into a much more humane, sustainable, and successful way of caring and being cared for.

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