Free Audiobook:The Death Wish Game by Jonathan Chateau

The Death Wish Game by Jonathan Chateau

Posted by Erik Nilsson, May 2017

Author: Jonathan Chateau   Narrator: Aaron Shedlock   Language: English    Category: Mysteries & Thrillers


A one-way trip to Florida offers Rodney Corso the chance at a fresh start from his dead-end life in South Carolina. Newly divorced, broke, and unemployed, a bus ticket gifted to him by his sister could not have come at a better time.
However, this bus would never reach its final destination.
Sometime during the 10-hour trek to Miami, both he and the rest of the passengers awaken to find themselves duct-taped to their seats and stranded in the middle of nowhere in the black of night. Their captor soon reveals himself, informing them that they are participants in a game of survival.
“The rules are simple,” he tells them. “Follow the flares to reach the safe zone. Make it there, and you get to live. Stay here…and they will come tear you apart.”
Chaos ensues, and the passengers are picked off one-by-one – slaughtered in their very seats by an unseen threat.
Who is running this game? What awaits them out there in the darkness? And will these flares lead them to freedom or straight into a trap?
If Rodney and the others want to live long enough to find out, they will have no choice but to confront the dark secret that has brought them here and face a nightmare unlike anything they have ever experienced before.

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