Free Audiobook:Bible Study Guide for Beginners by Shane Keller

Bible Study Guide for Beginners by Shane Keller

Posted by Erik Nilsson, May 2017

Author: Shane Keller   Narrator: Gene Tognacci   Language: English    Category: Religion & Spirituality


Two books – Know Your Bible: How to Memorize the Bible Fast and Easy & How to Study the Bible: Bible Study Guide for Beginners.
Bible Study Guide for Beginners is designed to assist new Bible students to develop good study habits from the beginning. It gives a general overview of the Bible and offers several different strategies that are both practical and easy to apply in order to memorize the Bible quickly and easily.
How to Study the Bible: Bible Study Guide for Beginners
Through this book, you will learn how to ask the right questions that can trigger the kind of deep thinking that can reach down into the heart and soul of the student. It will teach you how to approach any Bible subject from different angles so you get the whole picture. You will learn the importance of having a plan and a goal in mind when you start and why you don’t have to approach study the same way you do in school.
Each chapter listed within opens up a little bit more about what the Bible entails and takes you on a personal, spiritual journey of enlightenment.
In this book, you’ll learn:

What the Bible really is and how to connect to the people that really wrote it
That Bible study starts well before you pick up the book and how you can prepare for the message you will receive
How to make Bible study a priority and a primary focus in your life
How history, science, and prophecy do not have to be in conflict but when studying is done right they are in perfect harmony
About the amazing power of prayer and how valuable it is to make a major part of your new spiritual life

Know Your Bible – How to Memorize the Bible Fast
This Bible study guide was written to give you a better understanding of the different books in the Bible and the history of the human race.
With the information provided about each of the books in the Bible, you will be able to decide which book you would like to study first.
However, the ultimate aim of this book is to make your effort of studying the Bible easier.
If you really want a book to help you to study the Bible in an easy way and to get to understand Jesus’ words better, then get this audiobook now!

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