4 of my Favorite Books on Wellbeing

Live better with these 4 reads


I’ve gathered 4 top reads to stay happy, motivated, and excited and I hope you’ll like them as much as I do. You’re minutes away from what might be the best decision of your life.

The post is divided into 4 “pillars of wellbeing”, namely, Motivation, Inspiration, Personal Growth, and Self-improvement. I’ve selected one favourite read from each section for you.

1. Motivation: Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins

Do you have an ideal self in your mind from time to time? Great! Tony Robbins argues that we all indeed do, which he calls the “giant within”. He further argues that in the end, we are all in charge of our own lives and that we can affect it by changing our habits, controlling our emotions and believing in those things we want to believe. In this way, we can shape our ideal self according to our vision. This 15 minute read might be the source of motivation for change during 2017, what are you waiting for?

2. Inspiration: Bounce by Matthew Syed

Bounce is characterised by its authors attempt to delve into the very origin of outstanding achievements in fields like sports, maths, and music. Are you sometime inpatient for development or change in your life? Then take control! Matthew further argues that people tend to excuse their lack of change or development by referring to natural talent, which he neglects. Anyone, including you, are able to succeed in any field, if you are willing to put in the necessary and hard work. Hard work, over anything else, and especially excuses as “I’m not a natural talent” determines your success.

3. Personal growth – Curious by Ian Leslie

Did you know that curiosity has a huge impact on your life? Ian Leslie argues that curiosity have a fundamental impact on both our success and our perception of the world, amazing, huh? Curious offers an insight into the world of curiosity, and how you can nurture further curiosity in your life. If our success is determined by curiosity as highlighted by Ian, it seems wise to be more curious during 2017!

4. Self-improvement: Eat, Move, Sleep by Tom Rath

We all have heard that what we eat, exercise, and sleeping habits are vital part of a balanced and good life. However, this is often perceived as harder to implement in ones life than it necessarily is. This point is stressed by Tom Rath, which offers simple and easily implemented tips on how to improve your health and well-being in the most important ways. He further argues that you don’t have to “revolutionise” your lifestyle in order to get in shape and get increased energy, little changes may make a big difference, and these little changes are covered in Eat, Move, Sleep.

Hope you liked our suggestions!

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