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Everyone can become super-fit, but people tend to just get a gym card and hope the rest will solve itself… The most of us have been there, and the most of us did not reach our goal. How can we change this? This post aims to share three interesting books to change your mindset and approach to the gym, your life philosophy, and your habits. enabling you to get one step closer to your dream body.

Spartan Up! by Joe de Sena

Joe de Sean wrote Spartan Up! to shine light on how to live life to the fullest by frequently challenging yourself and what you do, which is essential to be successful in the gym. He calls it the “Spartan” way of life, and it is inspired by how the Spartan’s used to live in ancient Greece. Spartan Up! Introduces Spartan philosophies into modern life to make you prosper in a healthier lifestyle and at the gym. After all, we all know how the Spartans in the movie “300” looked like, right? 🙂

How Champions Think by Dr. Bob Rotella and Bob Cullen

It can be argued that to succeed in the gym, or with anything in life, you may need the mindset of a champion. In the book How Champions Think by Bob Rotella and Bob Cullen, the authors delve into the heads of true champions, to provide you with shocking examples an actionable advice that you can implement in your life. Bob Rotella was director of sports psychology for 20 years at University of Virginia, and coached athletes in golf, tennis, baseball, basketball and football – he should know what he is talking about!

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Once you’ve adopted the Spartan lifestyle and the mindset of a champion, how do you ensure that you’ll keep the routine and accomplish that long-term goal you’ve set? Don’t worry, the Power of Habit is all you need. Backed by scientific research, Charles Duhigg explains precisely how habits are created, and how you can ensure that you create new good habits while replacing bad ones. Errors in routine are one of the most common mistakes of achieving fitness goals, which is why this book is essential to get your workout habit straight and putting your workout, diet, and sleeping habits on autopilot. This book is one of my all time favorites, and also mentioned in one of our previous posts 3 Books to Kickstart Your Workout Routine

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