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Which Audiobook provider suits your needs?

Audible is made and operated by Amazon, which in itself gives you an idea of the quality. With a well structured categories system, together with an awesome search function, you’ll make sure to find the audiobook you are looking for.

  • Largest collection of audiobooks in the world with over 180.000 titles.

  • Great search function and filters available to make it easier than ever to find the audiobook you are looking for.

  • Almost all books carry reviews from previous readers, which enables you to get an idea of the book before reading it.

Simply Audiobooks is another provider which similar to Audible provide readers with audiobooks. Their memberships allows you to download up to 3 audiobooks per month, but offers a smaller library than Audible.

  • Sample readings of every book ensure that you know what you are buying when you select an audiobook to download.

  • Simply Audiobooks also have an amazing search function, that enables you to sort books by most rented, ISBN, and relevance.

  • Up to 3 books per month, expand your plan according to how much you listen. have received much praise for their customer support, which is supposed to be one of the best in the industry. They offer both sample readings, and a fairly advanced search function, but not in parity with the two previous options.

  • Well functioning review system, that gives you insights on books before you make your decision.

  • Again, get a feel of the narrators voice by using the sample readings.

  • Classics, fiction, and biographies are clearly the focus for’s customers, as they have an immense number of books in these categories.

Scribd is the company that started as a simple document sharing platform, that eventually turned to what it is today, a large ebook and audiobooks library! Scribd also offer comics from Marvel, but lacks some of the absolute classics in their selection. From only $8.99 a month!

  • Diverse selection of books and content to be entertained by, but if you are mainly into classics, Audible might not be your choice.

  • Great mobile interface, definitely top 3 out of all the choices available.

  • Diverse selection of reads, with content you might not find elsewhere, but on the contrary, missing many classic reads.

OverDrive is a really great option if you are a real bookworm and reads faster than what your budget allows to get new audiobooks/ebooks. Get access to thousands of titles from your local library, all you need is a library card.

  • it’s free! All you need is your library card. This is a really great option if you are not ready to pay up for audiobooks and want to give a try first.

  • Access to over 26.000 school and public libraries and their ebooks, audiobooks, and even videos!

  • Unlimited usage and a broader selection than the average audiobook provider.

Playster is not only an audiobook provider but offers a monthly bundle with everything in, video, music, audiobooks, and so on. Listen to an unlimited amount of audiobooks, watch movies, and even play games with Playster.

  • All in one – get all your streaming and entertainment in one service, and one monthly fee.

  • Sign up for the full bundle, and get a free tablet + headphones. Only pay $10 shipping.

  • The app is getting better and better, but the user experience is stil a bit flawed in our opinion.

Our choice is…


And this is why…

Audible is of course compitable with your mobile device. Take your audiobook with you to the gym, while grocery shopping or even in the car – bring your audiobook everywhere!

Audible provides the largest audiobook library in the world. With over 180.000 titles, you’ll never run out of amazing stories to fill your days with, and if you dislike a book, exchange it with something else, always for free. 

Listen as much as you want, maybe some books for the kids, maybe some for your partner. Audible is simply the one and only service to get the best possible digital audiobook experience.

“I’ve started to appreciate audiobooks lately, first I thought they were too slow, and sometimes I found the narrator annoying, but today, I appreciate the possibility to listen to an audiobook when busy with other things”

– Isabella Löwengrip

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